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What’s Your Hook?

Marketing, regardless of the medium, is about raising awareness and increasing engagement. At FMG, we run hundreds of marketing campaigns for our clients and we have seen what is successful and what will fail. There is one common thread with all successful marketing campaigns; they have identified a problem and they have the solution.

Create Value.

By identifying a problem your prospects encounter it shows you know your audience. Providing a solution shows your audience you’re the expert. Knowing your audience’s pain-points is not enough, take the time to clearly articulate how you, your product or service solves or eases their pain-points. Successful campaigns provide value to the prospect. Focus your messaging to highlight specific “hot-buttons” and tailor the message to specific audiences focusing on what is important to each of these audiences.

Segment Your Audience.

As you are planning your campaign, consider breaking up your audience into smaller segments that focus on a specific “hot-button.” Create a message that highlights the “hot-button” for this audience and provides a solution based on this audience as well. For example, if you were promoting a lead based program for Annuity producers, you don’t want your list to target Property & Casualty only agents. Exclude the P&C only agents from this list and focus your message to speak directly to Annuity producers. Highlight where your leads come from, and why your leads are better. To establish credibility, provide statistics or historical data on the success of your client’s closing rates with these leads. If possible, consider providing social proof by using a current client quote or reference online reviews.

Test, Test & Test Again.

Once you have segmented your audience and have some analytics from a past campaign, spend time regularly to evaluate success and failures. When you find something works, try it again to eliminate the possibility of an anomaly, but then test something else that is similar to see what your results garner. Let the data tell you what is successful rather than a gut-feeling. A good marketer will get in the habit of regularly testing content and measuring the results making statistic driven decisions. With the constant changes & advancements in the digital landscape slight modifications like; subject lines, calls to action, and body content can make a big difference on overall performance. Regular testing keeps marketers from becoming complacent by challenging feelings or hunches with solid statistics and analytics which will help drive more successful campaigns.

Keep It Going.

One of the most common things I hear is “I sent one email, but I didn’t get the responses I wanted so I am not going to do that again.” So, you had a flop, big deal! That shouldn’t discourage you, that should drive the next steps. Regularly staying in front of your audience is crucial to build brand awareness. One email send will not keep your brand top of mind for an entire year, you need to establish a consistent cadence even if a poorly performing campaign arises. There are things you can learn equally from successful campaigns as well as unsuccessful campaigns. For example; if you are get a strong open rate, but your click through rate is low, consider testing some calls to action to see if you can entice more of the openers to click. Whatever you do, don’t abandon this audience. You know the old saying “out of sight out of mind.” Once you are no longer in front of your audience, they are no longer thinking of you either.

A lot of our clients are already wearing several hats as they run their business. When they come to us, they are looking for a strategic partner that knows the industry and know their ideal audience. At Financial Media Group, we work exclusively with the financial and insurance industries, so we know the market and what works. You can start from square one or you can utilize our 15+ years of experience to drive results in your next campaign. Ready to learn more? Contact Us Now.