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Warm Up Quiet Clickers

Few marketing efforts provide a better ROI than email marketing... That is why it’s still is as effective as it has always been. Email marketing provides great insight into how people engage with specific campaigns and content. With a bit of creativity, you can use these insights to tell you the next best steps to reach your audience. This blog will highlight some of these techniques and provide some tips on executing the next step.

Make a solid plan.

Let’s start with the basics: An email marketing campaign is only as good as it’s plan. Take the time before to prepare a cohesive plan that outlines specific goals. Keep your goals realistic and measurable. Have your first few sends designed to warm up your audience to who you are and what you can do for them first. Entice clicks by offering free content (free PDFs, videos, white paper, etc.) to establish a level of trust with your audience. After you see your engagement increase, then you can start to send more targeted emails asking your prospects to provide their contact info. Along with the sending plan, have a prepared plan for following up with your leads.

Look at the analytics.

When looking to follow up with an email, priorities your efforts by breaking up the email activity into a few “temperatures” to measure level of interest of a lead; hot, warm, cool and cold. Focus your efforts first on hottest or more interested leads but then have the next priority to be to convert warm leads into hot leads.

What’s the next step?

At Financial Media Group, we have helped hundreds of agents and advisors recruit top talent. We not only offer quality data to build targeted lists, we also offer tried & true marketing services. Which gives us unique insights as to what works and what doesn’t.

Here is 5 straightforward ways follow up with your leads:

  1. A phone call – FMG will provide you with detailed information on everyone who clicks anywhere on your email. Pick up the phone and try have a conversation with the prospect. This tactic works for warm and cool leads.
  2. Send a personal email – Send a follow up email from your personal email address. Reiterate that they engaged with your content and see if they have any additional questions. This tactic is also great for warm and cool leads.
  3. Find them on a social channel – Is your lead on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? Go find them and send them and connect. Send a friend request and/or personal message. This tactic works well for warm leads, but is also great at warming up col leads.
  4. Send a Care Package – Direct mail can be a very effective way to reach the hard to connect to leads. Be creative and put together something that is valuable, memorable and helpful. Save this tip for your hottest leads, the last place you want a direct mail piece to end up is in the trash.
  5. Schedule a face-to-face meeting – Our database will provide you with addresses and a mapping tool so you can maximize your prospecting visits when traveling. It’s always nice to be able to match a face to a name. So, plan a trip to meet with your top tier leads – either at their location or take them out to lunch. Either way, you will leave a lasting memory.

Not all leads are going to pan-out and you may have to try a few tactics to reach the cool leads. However, your persistence will pay off. It may take 7-9 attempts before you find the one that resonates with someone, but use that knowledge to drive your next campaign. Ready to see our data in action? Contact us now to discuss the best solution for your needs.