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Tips for Using a Third Party Marketing Partner

Small businesses have a difficult challenge to balance their marketing communication between their clients and their current pool of agents or advisors; along with their efforts to grow new business opportunities. A great solution to this challenge is using a third-party marketing partner to help boost your marketing reach. Some companies choose to outsource all marketing, others choose to use third-party vendors in conjunction with their internal marketing efforts to maximize their efforts.

When looking for a third-party partner, here are 3 recommendations to help find a good fit for you.

Industry Specializations

Business service providers that specialize their marketing for a specific industry can provide a unique perspective based on past experiences. Having multiple clients in the same industry allows a company to learn and grow from each campaign applying their finding to each campaign going forward. Don’t be fooled by the “Jack of all trades” vendors, they most likely have multiple clients spread across several industries providing very little tactical insights to help with your campaigns.

Consider you are having your home renovated. You hire a general contractor because he has experience in many aspects of renovation and a great resource for a little bit of everything. But your general contractor notices that there is an issue with your electrical. As a general contractor, he knows something is wrong, but doesn’t know exactly how to repair it. What does he do? He turns to the expert in that industry – an electrician. Your general contractor has a lot of knowledge spread out over many aspects of home renovating but when it comes down to the little specifics about electrical, he knows it’s best to leave that to the experts.

Multi-Channel Marketing

Third party vendors will specialize in specific marketing strategies. Some will focus on email marketing or digital marketing. Others focus their efforts with call center or direct mail campaigns. Find a vendor that can handle multiple channels to hit your audience from several different directions. Spend time to determine what your ideal channels are and look for a vendor that can provide services for most if not all. Keeping all marketing efforts coming from the same place keeps messaging and branding consistent.

Dedicated Rep

A business is only as good as the people who represent it. It’s crucial for a vendor to have a staff that understands their success is measured by their clients’ success. A knowledgeable rep will offer strategic advice based on industry knowledge and overall campaign metrics. They should also provide regular detailed reporting to ensure campaigns are continuing to prove successful. When a campaign doesn’t go to plan, your rep should provide recommendations to help get you back on course based on proven best practices. And most importantly, they should be available and responsive ready to answer any question you have.

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