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5 Unconventional Call Center Strategies & Tactics to Help You Stand Out

One of the marketing programs that we offer is lead generation services through our in-house boutique call center. This call center department year-in year-out generates over 15,000 licensed agent or advisor leads, tailored to our customer’s requirements. These requirements are typically comprised of geography, licensing, product focus, production, past experience, and/or years of experience to name a few. The most common goal of our customers is to recruit new agents or advisors into their organization to sell product; but how many other ways can our call center unit possibly help your organization?

Stand Out With These 5 Tactics:

  1. Conferences, Seminars, Webinars, and Open Houses

There is no shortage of conferences and seminars in the insurance & financial services industries, and one of the more common projects we work on is to generate interest and traffic to conferences and seminars. We can also exclusively promote a webinar that you are putting on, or encourage people to attend a live event, with a webinar backup for those who are unable to attend in person. Whether it is for a national conference focusing on alternative investments, or a local open house for a general agency to get more exposure and face-to-face meetings, or even a product training event with carrier representatives we can tailor our approach to help get the right type of professional interested in your event.

  1. Service Providers

The majority of the marketing campaigns we execute are for brokerages, marketing organizations, broker dealers, and carriers. However, there are a growing number of companies that serve the industry and have a need to promote their services to insurance agents & financial advisors without recruiting. Whether you are offering agency management software, direct mail services to agents/advisors, are offering continuing education programs, or professional designations we have experience positioning your type of opportunity to agent & advisor audiences and providing you with the warm prospects to follow up with.

  1. Cross Channel Marketing

If you are really looking to boost your market exposure you can combine a call center campaign with our email marketing services, and/or a direct mail campaign. Combining marketing channels not only increases your reach, it can also improve your overall response rates.

  1. Market Research & Surveys

Are you launching a new product, testing a new marketing approach, or generally want to gain market insight before investing more resources? We can work with you to identify your target market and create a campaign to simultaneously market your opportunity as well as conduct research to gain valuable insights for you. We will work with you on creating a script that conveys your unique message and also collects the desired research data for you to make informed decisions on your next move.

  1. Sales Funnel Optimization

Do you have business developers or recruiters who are navigating through a CRM of various layers of interest & qualification, and in some cases wasting their time on not interested, or retired prospects? If so, you can segment out the disengaged portion of your CRM and utilize our resources to call into that segment of your house file. There we can simultaneously help you re-engage cold prospects, and sideline that portion of your audience that has zero future potential. Depending on the size and make-up of your CRM you can potentially turn 5,000 inactive prospects into 20-50 newly engaged prospects and remove the other non-responsive audience from your team’s workload.

Tell us About Your Next Project

If any one of these projects is in line with your goals contact us to discuss specifics and how we may be able to help you position your product or opportunity to the market. Or, if you have a project you are looking for assistance with that we have not highlighted in this post and want to discuss specifics we are standing by to provide you with support. Even if you don’t want us to conduct a calling campaign for your project, we can help with some of these same strategies by providing you with targeted data, and/or email marketing campaigns to help you achieve your goals.