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The Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

2017 is just around the corner and its that time of the year again to look back and reminisce on the past year. So, we took this opportunity to put together a list of our most popular blog post from 2016.

Here is a list of our top 10 blog posts for 2016:

  1. The Best Ways to Recruit Life Insurance Agents
    One of our goals at Financial Media Group is to help our clients answer these questions and to craft their message in a manner that will capture an agent’s attention. The best way to recruit life insurance agents is to make sure that you have something valuable to offer them.  How well you communicate that message and value offering will determine your results.
  1. How to Recruit Insurance Agents
    All insurance agencies need to recruit the top producing insurance agents, but where and how do you find them? Let’s go over a few methods for how to recruit insurance agents.
  1. Insurance Agent Recruiting With Outside the Box Ideas
    Attracting top talent and successfully recruiting insurance agents takes a lot of groundwork and incentives. It’s a competitive field and the top companies are the ones who capture attention without being overly aggressive until an agent is ready to make a move. That’s where clever, outside the box recruitment tactics come in.
  1. What is an SIFI Firm, and how does it Impact Your Recruiting?
    “Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. agreed to buy a distribution network from MetLife Inc., adding 4,000 financial advisers…” and “As part of the deal, MetLife will be the exclusive developer of certain annuity products issued by MassMutual.”1 It is safe to assume that the circumstances of these firms will continue to evolve and FMG will be prepared to help you adjust your marketing & recruiting efforts accordingly.
  1. How to Recruit Insurance Agents Using E-Mail Marketing
    E-Mail marketing is one of the most widely utilized and effective marketing channels for recruiting insurance agents. In this post, we will overview some tips and tricks to planning, writing, and designing an effective email marketing campaign, while keeping the objective of agent recruitment in mind.
  1. How to Recruit Financial Advisors
    Is your firm struggling with how to recruit top producing financial advisors, registered representatives, IARs, or RIAs? Are you an insurance agency looking to recruit top producing agents? In this post we will cover several tactics for how to recruit financial advisors and get them to come and work for your firm or agency.
  1. Exclusive Marketing Lead Portal
    This exclusive Marketing & Lead Portal is tied directly into our database, Advisor DirectConnect and can also be accessed as a stand-alone platform, transforming the way clients can view, download and analyze leads produced by FMG’s marketing services
  1. E-Connect Infographic
    The above infographic provides nine steps that are fundamental to a successful e-Connect© email marketing campaign. If all steps are followed, it will in turn provide you with a positive ROI.
  1. Reactivate Your House File
    Turn your stale house-file into a pipeline of fresh opportunities. Fact: It’s easier to retain a current producer than to acquire a new one. We’ve turned our best tips to reactivate your house file into this easy to read infographic.
  1. Drip Marketing Campaign
    Drip Marketing, at its core, nurtures early stage leads. It can also provide your team with a continuous supply of warmed up leads.

Our blog posts on industry specific recruiting were the most popular topics with marketing tips as a close second.

We strive to bring you useful an valuable content, so if there is a topic you want us to expand on, let us know in the comments.


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