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Maximize Your ADC Subscription

Advisor DirectConnect (ADC) is a robust web-based data platform designed to easily find the right financial advisor, insurance agent, Broker Dealer or RIA firm in seconds. This blog will highlight some of the most beneficial filter options available in ADC’s toolbox that helps you build a highly-targeted marketing list that gets results.

Geographic Options:

Our database has every licensed agent or advisor within the US. We highly recommend you take the time to determine and establish your geo-region to filter out professionals that are not part of your target audience. Do you focus on recruiting or promoting in specific regions or states? Are you targeting an event in a specific area? Don’t waste resources sending messages or calling people who are not in your target geographical area. Once your geo-region is established, you can quickly build your filters to include and/or exclude any specific region based on many options such as state, counties, cities and zip code radius. If you have multiple wholesalers or recruiters that will be working from ADC you can create territories for each person so they can work from a defined area without stepping on each other’s boundaries.

Licensing & Product Options:

Once you have established your target geographical region, now is where the real options come into play. Within the Agent Options section, there are numerous options to help you filter out and drill down to the exact group you want to recruit or promote to.

License Types:

Build your list to include or exclude any of the following; Life & Health licensed, P&C licensed and/or Securities licensed. This provides vast insight to the overlap in license types allowing you to cater your message based on the audiences’ license type.

Captive Status:

Do you want to drill down to see how many in your geo-region are Captive agents? Build your list to include or exclude Captive agents with a simple check box.

Product Specialties:

Within ADC you can also filter by product specialty. Whether you are looking to isolate out a certain audience to market to, or eliminate a certain subset from your list, you can make those updates for any of the following product specialties: Annuity, Disability, Final Expense, Health Specialist, Life Settlements, LTCi, or Medicare Supplements.

Company Selection:

Take your search even further by building your list targeted to only include specific carrier appointments. Or build your list to exclude specific Firms…. Both are simple one-touch steps that provide significant impact to your end recruiting or marketing efforts.

Securities Affiliations:

Another option for list filtering is for any securities affiliations. If you have a list of life licensed agents, some number of those agents will also have FINRA exams and have either a Broker Dealer, and/or Registered Investment Advisory firm affiliation. With ADC you can easily include or exclude the type of firm affiliation you want.

Once you have established your audience, your list is seconds from being in your hands. Now you need to determine how you want to reach your audience. Are you going to make phone calls, send a direct mail piece, or perhaps you want to do some email marketing? Possibilities are truly endless.

Not sure where to start? No worries, we have an in-house team of marketing professionals who have years of experience specific to the insurance & financial industries. We are here to help – when you succeed, we succeed. Contact us to learn more about our recruiting and marketing services.