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How to Recruit Agents with Email Marketing Services

How to Recruit Insurance Agents Using E-Mail Marketing

Recruiting Insurance Agents

E-Mail marketing is one of the most widely utilized and effective marketing channels for recruiting insurance agents. In this post, we will overview some tips and tricks to planning, writing, and designing an effective email marketing campaign, while keeping the objective of agent recruitment in mind.  The majority of the time e-mail marketing campaigns are built off of an insurance agent list, and it is important to follow these 6 steps to ensure your message is read.

1) Understand your target market

Identify who you are targeting and devise a campaign that speaks to the pain points or appeals to that specific market. Build a list that is targeted, and eliminate “noise” of individuals that don’t fit the target profile. Good database companies can help you narrow down the focus of your insurance agent list so you are getting in front of the right types of agents or advisors.

2) Let a professional do the designing

A well designed e-mail is a work of art. Not only does it take a professional to understand the balance of white space, typography, color palettes, etc., but understanding how to properly setup the HTML code is also essential. A poorly designed e-mail ad will not only go straight into the junk box, but can ultimately damage the sending IP address or domain name.

3) The most important component of an effective e-mail marketing campaign is the offer

The offer is the backbone to the entire campaign. Here are some tips to ensure you have a killer offer in your email marketing campaign:

• Offer something enticing and of value – a strong offer (or value proposition) lures in the advisor or insurance agent. Once you’ve gotten their interest, you should take it a step further with a strong CTA or “call to action”. Place your offer in the headline of your email, and use the rest of the body to elaborate on your offer. Be bold, and offer something you know the insurance agent simply cannot live without. Avoid emails with too many offers so as to keep the agents focus on the topic at hand (to many links or topics is called “friction”)

• Consider offering a “WIFM” – Insurance agents and financial advisors are always seeking tools to help them do better business with their clients, get more sales, etc. By offering a WIFM (what’s in it for me), you enhance your value proposition and increase the likeliness of conversion (evolving a prospect to a lead, lead to a recruited agent, etc.) Examples of good WIFM’s are e-downloads, whitepapers, product detail sheets, how to guides, tips and tricks docs, etc.

• Be sure that the offer is timely and relevant – Timing is everything, and relevance is key. Write your value proposition so that it speaks to the pain points of your audience, and/or provides them value that either helps them do their job better, makes them more insurance sales, or helps them market more effectively.

• Make your offer unique – Talk to email marketers who market to this industry regularly to gain insight as to what works, what’s new, and what’s stale. Certain offers have been used over and over in email marketing and should not be pursued.

• Summarize your offer in 8 words or less in the subject line – Your subject line should explain to the insurance agent what the offer inside your email is, in a clear and concise manor.

• Offer what’s hot, not what’s not – Product centric ads perform weaker than free, pre-set appointments. Avoid the same old offers like excellent back office support, fast policy processing, and great training. Insurance agents have seen all this before. If you want a ton of responses, give them a reason to respond. Here are a few examples of HOT email topics that have performed in the past:

o Hate prospecting? Get 50 Pre-set Appointments Instead

o Important Announcement for Agents

o Free Vegas Trip – All Expenses Paid

4) Following the offer, is the call to action (CTA)

Your CTA is what closes the deal, and get’s you what you are seeking – the contact info of an insurance agent who is interested in speaking with you. Be sure your CTA is prominent on the page, and if possible, in a consistent location. Keep your CTA simple, and always have a text based version as a means of responding in the email design just in case the agent has images disabled in their e-mail client.

5) Next, have a well designed landing page

A landing page reiterates your value proposition and focuses on one thing – getting people to take an action (ex: fill out a form, sign up for a webinar, etc.) Typically the WIFM that you offered on your e-mail, is also re-presented here on the landing page. Make it clear that once they take the required next step in the action you are seeking (competing the form), they will get access to their download. Note: You will get a fair amount of individuals that only complete your form for the freebie, but the idea here is to create conversations that you can work towards converting. At the end of the day, it’s about getting in front of more people. You can get in front of the right type of person simply by focusing on how you build the list that your e-mail goes out to.

6) Test and Score your ad

Before you broadcast your ad, it needs to be tested across the more popular platforms. This helps ensure deliverability, and increases your odds that your ad will be read independent of what platform it is read on.