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Get Professional Results with Self-Service Email

There are countless self-service email marketing tools that will allow you to build an email and send it out to a list of people. These tools are very helpful for small businesses looking to expand their reach at an affordable rate. In fact, FMG has our own self-service tool, e-Connect, which allows you to build a targeted list, create an email, send it out and download reporting all in one place. It truly is an amazing tool and we see the most success with clients that have created a solid email marketing strategy.

In this blog, we are going to highlight some of the successes we have seen with our e-Connect clients.

1. Send Frequency & Send Quantity – How frequent and how many emails you send go hand-in-hand and are crucial for good deliverability. Establishing a steady but consistent sending cadence will continue to improve the overall results.

Case Study: We had a client wanting to send out 100,000 emails in a month. Going from zero sends a month to 100,000 is a major warning trigger for Spam filters. To combat this, we decided to create a warm-up plan to consistently send out emails slowly making the list size larger with each send. Doing this allowed us to maintain a steady and healthy deliverability of 95% and also allows us the option in the future to send larger quantity lists all at one time.

2. Creative and HTML – The one thing I always keep in mind with email is: simplicity. People open and read emails on many different devices and use many different accounts to access their email. You want to be sure no matter how the email is viewed, the experience is the same. Keeping the design and the html code as clean as simple as possible will help maintain consistency across all devices.

Case Study: A client created a design in Publisher and exported the design as HTML. They ran into several issues with how the email rendered within several different email client inboxes. To remedy this issue, we took their Publisher design and converted it into HTML manually. This eliminated unnecessary code that the Published export added in; resulting in a 98% deliverability rate. FMG clients that utilize e-Connect not only have a self-service email tool available 24/7, they also have access to a team of email experts here to help your email campaigns succeed. Whether you need copy, design or html help, we have experts standing by.

3. Image to Text Ratio – Another area to be aware of within html for emails is to keep a good balance of images and text. Not all email clients download the images by default and if they choose not to, any part of the message that is included within an image is missed. A healthy ratio is 30% images and 70% text.

Case Study: A new e-Connect client converted a PDF postcard file into an email by simply adding the postcard image into an email template. This created an email that was one solid image that had poor deliverability and engagement. To boost the deliverability and the engagement, we sliced up the PDF and turned the copy within the image into HTML so it was visible from the inbox, even if the recipient didn’t download the images. This change garnered 97% deliverabilty and increased their engagement by 200%.

4. Clear Messaging and Calls to Action – If you are close to a product or service offering, it can be very easy to assume the email recipient is as well. When creating an email message, be sure the message clearly explains the offer and keep it simple and to the point. Write email copy from the point of view of the agent/audience – why do they want to open and what is in it for them?

Case Study: A client created an email campaign for a final expense product without mentioning that it was a final expense product. This provided very low open rates and even lower click rates. To fix this, we re-wrote the email copy to speak to what the product is and why an agent wants to sell it. Having the message written from the point of view of what’s in it for the agent gave the client the open rates and click through rates they were looking for.

Email marketing is one of the most successful forms of digital marketing continuing to provide a high ROI. Are you ready to learn more about our e-Connect service and how you can benefit from it? Contact Us Now.