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Email Marketing

Self-service & turnkey email marketing services
to support your recruiting & marketing efforts.

Email Marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach your target market.

Our cutting-edge email marketing solutions help you connect with your target audience. Whether you are looking to recruit insurance agents or financial advisors, promote a product or fund, email marketing is the perfect tool. From campaign creative, to post-broadcast tracking, we work hard to increase your results!


Design Services & HTML Coding
SPAM & Device Testing
A/B Testing
Self-Service & Turnkey Options
IP Reputation & Domain Monitoring
Target Market List Creation
Post-Campaign Result Reporting
Copywriting Services
Custom Personalization & Dynamic Content
Real-Time Leads Available


Advisor Mail™Turnkey Email Marketing

  • We handle every aspect of your email campaign from copy & design through deployment & reporting
  • Receive real-time leads ready for follow-up, including comprehensive contact details & regulatory information
  • Promote products, seminars & webinars or create brand awareness with producers known to be receptive to digital offers
  • Ensure your sales team always has a steady stream of prospects
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e-Connect™Self-Service Email Marketing

  • Send emails from your desktop computer with our user friendly system
  • Easily design ads, newsletters and landing pages with drag & drop features or upload your own html
  • Easily perform A/B testing, list segmentation and personalize content
  • Build targeted lists, manage responses and opt-outs and track results
  • Dedicated e-Connect ‘Guru’ on site to set up the accounts, train users and answer any questions.
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