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Our Data Tells a Story: Vol 4

Keeping our data fresh is what we do here at FMG. We continually compile data from multiple sources and take the time to validate the data’s accuracy. This is how we can provide the most robust and accurate data for the insurance and financial industries. A recent update to our database looked at address verification with the National Change of Address (NCOA) system to validate address accuracy across our entire database.

Other updates in our database focused on verification of securities licenses. Since our last quarterly securities update, we added roughly 16,00 advisors who entered the securities industry. Our latest totals for securities licenses are below.

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Total Reg. Reps: 637,690

Total IAR Reps: 334,063

We also focused on updates and validations to select states with insurance licenses. These updates look at verifying and validating appointments, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. An irregularity that I noticed during the update was the large amount of new email addresses for P&C agents to our database – 42,000 to be exact!

The P&C market is very responsive to product promotions and recruiting opportunities. With the addition of 42,000 email addresses the market is stronger and larger than ever with a total of 291,991 validated email addresses available in our database, not to mention the 588,630 verified phone numbers. If your audience is P&C agents, consider taking advantage of the newly verified email addresses and have your message get to this audience first.

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