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Our Data Tells a Story: Vol 3

As a Data Analyst, I spend a lot of time putting order to unorganized data. One trend that continues, is the blending of the insurance and financial industries data. Our recent data update focused on the securities side of our database; with efforts looking to combine duplicate records and removing no longer licensed producers. During this process, we identified and combined 11,905 records that were duplicated across industry sectors. This means these people already had an insurance license, but just recently added an additional securities license. We also removed over 12,000 records of people who are no longer licensed. This update confirms the ever-changing landscape of the financial industry and people’s career growth. However, it also reiterates the importance for our clients to have access to the most current data to reach their desired audience.

New & Updated Phone Records

Our recent update allowed us to identify and remove roughly 52,000 phone numbers that are no longer active. However, along with this purge, we were also able to add 89,000 new and verified phone numbers, netting a gain of about 37,000 new phone numbers.

Are you running campaigns using a list with old phone numbers?

If so, you are not only calling people who may no longer be licensed but also missing the audience who is actually interested in your offer. Stop shooting yourself in the foot and set yourself up for a successful campaign. A campaign is only as good as the list that you use.

Is a Data Subscription What You Really Need?

Some customers come to us thinking they need a database subscription, but find out later they prefer to utilize a third-party to call or email their potential agent or advisor prospects. Well, we can do that for you. FMG has a complete suite of in-house marketing services tailored for the financial and insurance industries. Not only do we provide access to a robust database full of detailed information about every licensed agent or advisor in the country. But we also offer multi-channel marketing services with our in-house call center services and our multiple email marketing services. Want to learn more? CONTACT US