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Finding your Target Audience Based on Licensing

Posted on: May 26th, 2017

Here at Financial Media Group we have been providing data lists and marketing campaigns to reach, communicate with, and help firms recruit/retain agents and advisors for going on 15 years. We offer a number of different ways to slice and dice our data that enables our customers to find their ideal audience. Whether you want…

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Do You Recruit to Your Firm, or Away From Other Firms

Posted on: October 12th, 2016

Do You Recruit to Your Firm, or Away From Other Firms? Before any marketing campaign can begin there are a number of factors to consider, including whether to recruit to your firm or away from other companies. You have to determine how you are going to position yourself, who is your target audience, what is…

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Has the DOL Ruling Left Your Recruiting Efforts MIA?

Posted on: August 5th, 2016

DOL Ruling and Recruiting Efforts The DOL fiduciary ruling has been big; huge in fact. It’s the biggest change to the industry in decades and it can affect up to a quarter of a million advisors. For the consumer, this change brings reassurance, to the advisors there are still a lot of unknowns.  But the changes…

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What is a SIFI Firm and How Does it Impact Your Recruiting?

Posted on: March 25th, 2016

SIFI UPDATE: This blog was originally published on January 20th, 2016. Since that time additional activity has occurred requiring an update to this article. “Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co. agreed to buy a distribution network from MetLife Inc., adding 4,000 financial advisers…” and “As part of the deal, MetLife will be the exclusive developer of…

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3 Steps to Recruiting Top Producers

Posted on: August 21st, 2015

How to Recruit Top Producers Now that’s a request we don’t get every day – just kidding.  In fact if there’s one request we receive more than any other it’s this one.  I get it – you’re trying to grow your business, so why not go after some of the top guns.  Here’s the problem –…

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How to Convert More Leads Into Contract Advisors

Posted on: June 4th, 2015

Convert More Leads For advisors, obtaining and converting quality leads is critical. Following up on your leads seems simple enough, yet many factors will affect your ability to create successful conversions. Seasoned financial advisors may approach the process differently, but most agree that having a consistent plan of attack is essential. Here are few insights…

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Seven Deadly Sins of Advisor Recruiting: Part Six – Cutting Your Marketing Budget

Posted on: February 18th, 2015

7 Sins of Advisor Recruiting Today we continue our “The Seven Deadly Sins of Advisor Recruiting” blog series with the sixth deadly sin: not spending enough on recruitment marketing. When your yearly budget is tight and you need to make cuts in certain areas, decreasing your recruiting budget can actually lead to negative results. In…

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