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Eric Bender

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Eric Bender

Ever since Eric co-founded Financial Media Group in 2003, he has constantly been driven by the need to pursue new ideas and opportunities. He enjoys creating new products that people want and need, so that his clients will be successful. 

Eric’s love for the financial industry is sparked by the fact that it is always evolving which he says it forces him to be creative in how he adapts to change. He works hard to be a leader and innovator, so he can give his clients a unique market perspective and the tools they need to be effective. Although he says the financial industry is highly competitive, he knows it is a business that rewards innovation.

Although, Eric loves the financial industry, he is not all business. His second love is music. If he had to choose his top three favorite music albums, he would pick AC/DC, Back in Black, Van Halen, Diver Down and Rush, Moving Pictures.