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Cheers to a new year!

A new year symbolizes a fresh beginning. People make personal resolutions or goals to lose weight, get in shape, and eat healthier. But what sort of marketing or recruiting resolutions are you setting for yourself?

Goals keep everyone focused.

Running a campaign without establishing some sort of goal makes it difficult to measure success and ROI. Learning from past campaign successes and failures is what will make each campaign stronger and more successful.

“A Goal is a Dream with a Deadline”

We put together a list of general goals that are great ways to determine how a campaign performed.

  • Impressions – Whether you are running a calling campaign, email campaign or direct mail campaign, this is one of the easiest performance indicators to identify. With a calling campaign, you would be looking at the number of people that you were able to actually connect with showing the number of agents that heard your offer. For an email campaign, you would be looking at the open rate to represent the number of people that opened and saw your ad. For a direct mail campaign, look at the original list send size.
  • Conversions – A conversion happens once an action is taken. These are the highly interested leads and should get special attention while following up. For a call center campaign, a conversion is when the agent on the other end of the phone wants to learn more about your promotion. For an email campaign, conversions can be measured a few ways; they could be either people who have clicked on something in your email ad or have completed a form on a landing page (this is dependent on how your email is set up.) For a direct mail campaign, these would be people who contacted you and mentioned the mailing. To measure this, you need to manually track each time your phone rings. In general, people don’t openly tell you how they got your contact information. So make it simple; just ask them.
  • Contracted – A contracted goal is fairly self-explanatory. It’s looking at the number of contracts that came in from that specific campaign. This is possibly the most important number because it correlates directly to a dollar amount. It is also fairly easy to track this number; the key is being prepared to track this before the campaign starts. For every new contract, track how they found you so you can determine which campaign gets credit for the new contract.

Now that you have goals, you need to periodically revisit these goals to determine if you are on course. If you notice a big spike or dip in your numbers, if possible, take action to fix it. Call center scripts and email ads can be adjusted real-time which allows you to adjust a campaign if needed to hit your goals. After a large campaign has completed, review your numbers and note the successes and failures. Making adjustments to your next campaigns based on your results will allow you better catch your target audience’s attention.

FMG not only provides exclusive recruitment & marketing services to the financial & insurance industries, we are also your strategic partner. Every campaign that we run for our clients has a dedicated manager assigned to ensure the best performance. We constantly monitor each campaign and make recommendations to our clients to give them the best ROI possible. Want to learn more about our marketing services? Contact Us to get started.

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