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Finding your Target Audience Based on Licensing

May 26, 2017 0 Comments Databases of Financial Advisors, Databases of Insurance Agents By-

Finding your Target Audience Based on Licensing

Here at Financial Media Group we have been providing data lists and marketing campaigns to reach, communicate with, and help firms recruit/retain agents and advisors for going on 15 years. We offer a number of different ways to slice and dice our data that enables our customers to find their ideal audience. Whether you want to find new agents, seasoned advisors, independent brokers, or career/captive agents there are a number of ways our database platform and our marketing services can reach your desired audience. This blog intends to provide some additional insight into some of the ways you can segment your ideal market.

First a little background on the methodology. In this article we are looking at the market in two categories:

1. This first section pertains to anybody/everybody in the United States with any current insurance license. That includes Life, Health & Accident, and Property & Casualty licenses, regardless of additional FINRA exams, Broker Dealer (BD), and/or Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) Firm affiliation

  • There are over 1.5MM licensed individuals in the U.S. and we have included only those with a mix of license types that represent 1% or more of the market
  • Reg Rep is short for Registered Representative and refers to anyone with a Broker Dealer Affiliation
  • Percentages do not add up to 100% as there are many smaller categories. For example there are 590 individuals in the U.S. who are Life, Property & Casualty licensed, and are also a registered representative, this represents less than .05% of the entire market


Agent License Type

% of all Insurance Licensees

Life, Health


Life, Health, Property & Casualty


Property & Casualty Only


Life Only


Life, Health, Reg Rep


Health Only


Life, Health, Property & Casualty, Reg Rep


Life, Reg Rep


Why does this information matter?

Some people might ask why this information matters, If I am looking to recruit a health licensed agent why do I care whether they have a life license or are also affiliated with a Broker Dealer? In some cases maybe you don’t care, in some cases it can be a good thing, and in other scenarios it could be a bad thing. For example if you are looking to recruit someone to offer a Medicare Supplement plan, if they are only Health licensed you can rest assured they are not selling other lines of insurance. Whereas someone with a Health and Life license and Broker Dealer affiliation may be able to offer your Medicare product as well as cross-sell life products, and has investment clients that may provide additional opportunities (or compliance obstacles).

2. In this second section we are only looking at those professionals with a securities license and whether they are affiliated with a Broker Dealer, a Registered Investment Advisor, or both.

Securities Affiliation by Firm Type
% of all Securities Licensees

BD Affiliated no RIA


Both BD & RIA affiliated


RIA Affiliated no BD


This breakdown shows that over 50% of securities licensed professionals in the U.S. are only affiliated with a Broker Dealer, whereas less than 10% are only affiliated with an RIA firm. With our platform you can further segment this audience by insurance license type as well.

If you would like to get more information on any mix of licensing, how our services can further refine your target audience based on over 100 different data elements, or how to put this data in motion with a custom tailored marketing campaign CONTACT US today to get started.

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