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e-Connect™ – We pioneered the financial industry’s first fully automated tool that allows you to broadcast email messages right from your computer! Using Advisor DirectConnect™, our industry leading database platform, you can build targeted email lists, design ads and deploy them 24/7 right from your own computer. It’s the perfect solution for companies looking to send highly targeted messages, newsletters, announcements and more!


The possibilities are endless.

e-Connect is amazing for agent & advisor recruiting campaigns, however there is so much more you can do. You can use this platform to build & maintain your house files, send out your company’s monthly newsletter, promote a carrier, a specific product or fund, and/or seminars/webinars/event registrations, or even company news to your existing agent/advisor base etc. The ways this marketing platform can be used are nearly limitless, and can complement, or provide an alternative, to direct mail marketing, and help you cast a wider net.


We pioneered the financial industry’s first fully self-service email marketing platform.

We are constantly creating more opportunities for increased open rates, more leads, and provide an increase in your ROI.

e-Connect Benefits:

Getting started is easy. Call 855.461.4644 and request a free consultation to discuss how e-Connect can be part of your marketing strategy.

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