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5 Tips for Call Center based Lead Generation

5 Tips for Call Center based Lead Generation

Insurance Agent Recruitment – Tips for Call Center based Lead Generation

Everyday we at Financial Media Group (FMG) work with vast numbers and types of customers (IMOs/FMOs, Broker Dealers, Carriers, Brokerages, RIAs, Industry Providers etc. etc.), and with that experience we have learned a few things on how to successfully recruit agents & financial advisors and/or promote your products:

1. Diligent Follow-ups Pays off:

In this industry the majority of your target audience is busy doing what they do. They are not waiting by the phone for your call, with that being said you need to follow up like your business depends on it, because it does. Leave a brief action based voice mail message that is positive and gives a reason for the other person to call back, and follow up every way you can, until the prospect makes a decision to work with you or has clearly declined to work with you (and even then ask if it is alright to keep in touch periodically, eventually they may change their mind and decide to work with you thanks to your persistence & professionalism).

2. Message alignment:

When you choose to use an outside company to assist you with your marketing/recruitment efforts be sure that your message aligns with the message they are distributing, and vice-versa (you have to be singing from the same book), and follow up with a message the builds from the items/content that got your audience interested in the first place.

3. Focus on your goals and communicate those to the company you have chosen to work with.

We recently worked with a smaller IMO who wanted to simultaneously promote a specific lead generation system and a Medicare supplement carrier. Their campaign garnered a very good response of seemingly good candidates, only to then find out they wanted prospects that were really interested in utilizing the lead generation aspect of their offer, and did not care if people did or didn’t have an interest in the specific carrier. In subsequent programs we were able to do this more effectively, but only after getting a better idea of our customer’s goals

4. Work with your vendor, not against them:

Over the last 3 years we at FMG have facilitated over 175 different phone based recruiting, financial advisor lead generation, and/or marketing campaigns. During that time the most successful campaigns have been those where the customer was accessible, shared feedback in a constructive way, and focused on positive results.

5. Stick with it:

Some of campaigns that generated the best responses started with a few bumps and required adjustments, whether it is script/messaging/content related, or list related, or expectations & quality related, one minor change can make a big difference (positively or negatively). This type of marketing can be more costly on a per lead basis, but can also be the most successful overall.